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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Roots on CNN

The Roots recently got some TV face time (in addition to their regular gig as the house band on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon") on CNN.

In this short clip, ?uestlove's justifying why The Roots are not a sellout band. Some people equate mainstream success (i.e. their regular gig as the house band on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) as selling out.

And here's the link to a longer piece from CNN : "?uestlove: The Roots 'Redine the Art of the House Band'".

By the way, The Roots latest project, "How I Got Over" is scheduled to drop sometime in October.

And why I'm talking about The Roots and feenin for a chance to see them perform. Enjoy these tracks from The Couch Sessions w/The Roots, Common and Amerie in Atlanta on September 19, 2009.

So go ahead hip hoppers, have some integrity, but don't sellout. kfox.

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