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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Video: The Alchemist "Smile" featuring Twista & Maxwell

I've been trying to catch up on music, but it's useless to try to keep up ... so I'm going to try to keep it moving.

For The Alchemist's "Smile", I was more curious than anything else when I saw the three names on this project. We all know that Twista is the quick rhymer ... Maxwell is the slow jammer and The Alchemist is the top notch producer (though on this track he's droppin some rhymes).

Nice recipe for sorta kinda killing it. Frankly, the beat is too slow for my liking. And since it starts slow, I was wondering how it would work out for Twista, but it works just fine for Twista. Shows some versatility. Nice little hook from Maxwell too.

The vid has some creativity in the transitions. I like that. The smiling pedestrians is too scripted for me.

Overall, for me, it's just okay. Still it brings something new to the table. It's the slow beat that's the attention getter.

So I need you to weigh in on this one hip hoppers ... can you bring something to the table? kfox.

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Blogger Jean said...

this is a great song, really upbeat and has a good message and everything. Alchemist has always had good rhymes but i particularly like this one.

1:35 PM  

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