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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fort Knox Five "Insight"

I love discovering new hip hop artists (thought Fort Knox Five is not new; only new to me). But I must admit that my hip hop references come from a variety of places. Lately I've been getting swathed with emails.

My old stand-bys are Spectre Music and Audible Treats. Of course there's Okayplayer too.

The reference for Fort Knox Five came from Spectre.

"Insight" features Asheru. The track that I listened to was the Next Men Remix. I like the electronic feel of the track. Nice hook too though the lyrics are just okay. Overall, I think the track just takes some risk in terms of hip hop. The beats are lacking the bassline that is usually ever-present in hip hop music. It works because it's uptempo and it just keeps flowing. .. nothing flashy or fabulous. I like the way it all comes together. Reminds me of somthing that the break dancers would like. Oh, and it's produced by A Skills from the UK. Apparently, electro is his thing.

Check out Fort Knox Five on Imeem.

Hey hip hoppers ... let's expand our hip hop horizons. You down or what? Kfox.

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