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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Roots :: Live in Cleveland

The Roots performed in Cleveland on Tuesday, June 30th at the House of Blues. I had a chance to see the show, but just barely.

Although, the ticket prices were reasonable, I did not buy any tickets. But when I arrived at the venue at about 7:15 p.m., I found out that The Roots would not hit the stage until after 9 p.m.

Well, I called the one and only, party promoter extraordinaire Arnold Hines who told me to sit tight for a minute and he would see what he could do.

I went over to a coffee house on Fourth Street and I was sitting in the window talking on the phone and a guy in a white tee walks by. I nearly drop the phone, but I am a bit shocked because I realize that it is Black Thought from The Roots. He's just walking by like everyone else. So I was thinking I should go and say hi, but I don't really want to bother him and cause a scene, then I say what the heck, but by the time I get out the door, he's disappeared. I hate when that happens.

Thankfully, Arnold came through w/a ticket for me to the show. Otherwise, that would have been it for me - a Black Thought spotting.

So, once I get in the venue, I take it easy and hang out in the corner and wait for the show to start. Part of the venue is standing room only - on the floor. On the upper level, there are some seats. I'm on the second level, and once the show is about to begin. I make my way to a spot where I can at least see something. Just as I am about to nuzzle my way through a few folks, Arnold shows up again and says 'follow me'. I ask no questions, but he is good peeps and he would never mislead me.

And off we go to a private seating area, uh, the lodge. Love that. Great view. There are chairs, but I don't need no stinking chair. I had planned to be on my feet for the entire show. I immediately began to take pics because I was in the balcony, but w/an unobstructed view.

But low and behold, Arnold comes to the lodge and tells me and his other friends that someone just purchased the lodge and we have to bounce. I hate when that happens. Who the heck buys a lodge 45 minutes into the show? Never mind that.

I head back to the upper level, because the SRO section is crazy. Good energy, but I really don't want to be all up on folks like that. Not on this night.

After briefly talking to some friends, Arnold comes back and says 'What happened to you? We got another lodge on the other side.' And off I go to see The Roots from a different vantage point - the opposite of where I'd been. Love that.

The entire band was there including the Sousaphonist. They did alot of popular stuff: "The Seed" w/Capn Kirk doing vocals, a track from "Game Theory". They also did "You Got Me' and that went over very well. I'll give the show an A, but I am super biased. It's been a couple of years since I've seen them perform live.

One final note, after most shows, Questlove will sign his drumsticks and then toss them out to the crowd. I get all geeked because I'm in a sparsely populated lodge in the balcony. This could be the night that I actually come away w/a signed drumstick. When Questo turns to my side of the venue, I throw my hands up and then do the ole 'me-to-you' gesture w/my hands. He seems to notice and tosses the drumstick my way. It goes a bit high and over my head. Much to my dismay, a crowd has gathered behind me. But have no fear, I have on jeans and I dive to the concrete floor ... alas, I do not come up w/the elusive drumstick.

Well enough about my antics hip hoppers ... what have you been up to? kfox.

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I love the roots!

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