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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hip Hop Theater Festival ... days later

I had intended to write about this before it happened, but oh, well. I did not want it to be a total missed opportunity. And hopefully, there will be some video at some point for those of us who could not make it.

I've been to the Hip Hop Theater Festival in D.C. in 2005. Lots of events in about 5-7 days. Very intriguing stories on the stage w/hip hop as the theme to bring it all together.

Here's the link to the webbie for the Washington, DC events (for the weekend that just passed). There is also a festival in NYC that one is September 23 - October 11, 2008, so you could mark your calendar and witness the thrill in person.

The stage is yours hip hoppers "To be or not to be ..." kfox.

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Anonymous Hip-Hop said...

Great info on the dates!!!!!

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