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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Don't Punch Me for Bloggin About the BET Awards

I was on the fence about this post. I know it's over a week old, but that Al Green set was FYE-ur! That's fire if you can't follow my slang; I should keep it simple, right?

I could really give a hoot about who won since many of the winners were not present anyway, but the performances were ... interesting.

Since I've mentioned Al Green, I will focus on that. His musical tribute began w/Jill Scott; followed by Anthony Hamilton and then Maxwell. I enjoyed Scott and Hamilton, but where the hell did they dig up Maxwell. I absolutely LOVED his performance. He looked fly and sounded even better. Where the hell has he been ...?

Now, since the Rev. Al has taken that title, I expected a gospel set. How pleasantly surprised when he broke out w/his classic! His voice was wonderful; he had a sense of humor and everyone was enjoying his performance.

So check out this post on with their recap and a clip of the Al Green performance.

Let's Stay Together hip hoppers ... kfox

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