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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Should be Dancing ... Yeah!

Hip hop has been around for a while now. It's a culture. Ingrained in the culture is the music, of course as well as the apparel, the lingo, the art, the lyrics as well as the dancing.

A dance reality TV show might be the least expensive type of TV show to produce. At this point, what network doesn't have a dance reality TV show? Okay, so not everyone has bought into the formula - yet. But had that writer's strike continued for another month - oh, the possibilities.

But it's not just dance, but there on many of the dance shows, hip hop dancing plays a major role. That is certainly the case w/MTV's "America's Best Dance Crews".

Generally speaking, it's awesome exposure. I've often gawked while saying 'what the hell' meaning I am in awe of the moves that the dancers make; their creativity is sometimes mind boggling, for me at least.

So pick a show, a reality TV dance show and be a gawker - like me. Oh, and here is the best part about reality TV, if you miss a week, no fear, that very same episode is bound to repeat and repeat and repeat - appointment viewing no more.

Got some moves hip hoppers, kfox.

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