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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jay-Z's "American Gangster" :: Times Three

I've been listening to three different versions of Jay-Z's "American Gangster".

The Jay-Z version is quite likeable. Good thing he did not really go into retirement, eh? I am a lover of beats and there is a barrage of that. But Hova's real skill is in the lyrics and he does not disappoint (I know that this is all old news, but ... well, I'm tardy).

The next version is from dj extraodinaire Mick Boogie. He mixed up an edition that is backed by tunes from the legendary Marvin Gaye. This is slick. I wanted to listen solely because I love Marvin Gaye and I thought the infusion of both artists would work. It does. What I like about mixtapes is how the songs are arranged in an order that is different than the original. Some of the slower Marvin Gaye beats give a sultry vibe that was absent on Jay's version. You can get a comp download of this one here.

I can't really recall how I got my hands on the Jay-Z and Chief Sneed version. I think it came by way of Oh Word. I just know that I was quick to download it and check it out. I love how each dj makes the song different yet recognizable and still likeable. In Sneed's case, he takes "Roc Boys" and makes it thinner; he removes the horns, which I really liked, but Sneed's version holds strong - or it could be Jay's lyrical presence is that much stronger. Sneed's edition just goes in a direction, that for me was, unthinkable but not in a way that makes me say, why the heck did they do this?
I like the creativity of the mixtape world. I'm glad that copyright restrictions isn't hampering this genre.
Time to get down w/the get down hip hoppers. --kfox

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