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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Okayplayer Music Awards - vote now!

Ooooh, this is soo cool! Okayplayer is the joint. If you are not down, then you are soo out of the loop. Check out the Okayplayer Music Awards. The deadline to vote is fast approaching - Tuesday, December 18.

It's a good thing there are these here awards -- to set you straight or at least trying to get you there. You see, if you scroll through too many names w/o recognizing any of them, you can use the list as a cheat sheet and do your research ... and then one day, you too will be bout it! Believe that.

So, some of my fav awards categories are:
  • The Most Slept on Album

  • The Most Slept on Artist

  • Mixtape of the Year (all votes for Mick Boogie, right?)

  • Sang the Hook Award

  • And there is one more: Crazier Than a Fish with _____ Award

Such fun, these awards thingys.

You know, there's a really big election next year where your vote will count, but at the Okayplayer site, you will notice how your vote directly made an impact.

Power to the people ... kfox

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