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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

We Funk Radio

Several years ago I discovered We Funk Radio. It's a ultra cool and slick hip hop and rare soul radio show out of Montreal. The Canadians have this show on lock and it is quite refreshing. I often forget that We Funk Radio is a radio show because north of the border they can air profanity on the airwaves.

What's so cool about this gig? The guys know their stuff. When they pull out the rare soul it is not your mother's records. Heck no. It is your mama's, mama's records. They dust off tracks like the Honeydrippers, Fatback, Lyn Collins and then they manage to mix in the old school hip hop and not just the mainstream classics, but the b-sides as well. Finally, they add the flava of the Canadian tundra!

Oh, the show is on CKUT, a community radio station and is hosted by Professor Groove and and DJ Static.

You've got to check out the webbie. The archive is extensive with lots of options for listening. But seriously, for each and every archive (at least all the ones I've checked out) they provide track listings! Talk about paying attention to details.

Good stuff. Get funky yall ... kfox

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