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Monday, July 30, 2007

Warped Tour 07 (...yes, this is hip hop related)

For those of you who are familiar w/the Warped Tour, you know that it is a rock out fest! It is certainly not heavy on the hip hop tip! However, if you need your beats like you need your vitamins, then the Warped Tour has that for you.

On this years line-up is P.O.S. I can get down w/P.O.S. Oh yeah!!! Now, you know if I am geeked about something, its got to be good. Now, don't get it twisted, I'm not sayin march down to your nearest Warped Tour venue and get tix for you and your posse. NO! But if Warped is on your agenda, then you need to be around when P.O.S. hits the stage. He is the real deal and reppin the Rhymesayers camp (oh, and he can rock out...).

But you will also be able to get happy w/K-Os, who has Canadian/Caribbean roots. I really like K-Os' projects because they elude genre definitions. There's a bit of rock, rap, reggae and more - must be the Canadian/Caribbean roots, eh? Go K-Os!

All-righty then hip-rockers ... The Warped Tour is on the northcoast on Thursday! Be about it.

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