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Monday, August 20, 2007

Common's "Finding Forever"

I'm a little behind the eight ball on this one. Yeah, it's been on the shelves for nearly two weeks and I am just now getting around to giving it to ya. Don't be mad. And if you couldn't wait for my blessing (or curses), I ain't mad ... shoot, you should have given me a heads up, right ... ?

If you are a Common diehard, you are only reading this to see if I feel the same way that you feel. The good news, is this release came out the box @ #1 on the charts! That's good stuff for an artist who's not as mainstream as say, Kanye West (though this project was produced by West). "Finding Forever" is a nice joint. I don't know that I like it as much as I like "Be", but it's good stuff. The beats are nice; they fit his personality - kinda mellow; something you can chill out with.

And this is mainly a Common project; not like a lot of other artists who have so many guests artists that they get buried in their own projects. No, Common does his thing, but when he enlists assistance, he goes for the jungular - Will.I.Am. and DeAngelo! There's also, Bilal, Lily Allen and of course, Kanye.

The first single "The People" was a good starter to get some attention. Heck, I think he is already on the third single. I believe "The Game" was next followed by "Drivin' Me Wild". But the track that gets me is "Forever Begins" and it is similar to a track on "Be". I have not researched this yet, but the track has what seems to be the Last Poets; the same guys that were on the tracks "It's Your World, Pt." and "The Corner" on "Be". Oh, and then there is "I Want You" - I just like this one because it has a smooth vibe, not mellow because mellow to me means slow and this one is not slow, just smooth.

I could go on ... but you know the deal hip hoppper, pick up the disc and be about it! kfox

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Blogger Undisputed Wes said...

im digging but still waiting to see if i will stop listening to it altogether after two months of digging it, like Be

5:29 PM  

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