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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hip Hop January

Here is some hot hip hop that I'd like to put on the radar.

Colossus - he is on the Om label. Good stuff. The cd is titled "West Oaktown". His flow is steady and the beats are hot. It is a two cd set with a jazz influence.

P.O. S. - is from the Rhymesayers camp! That alone speaks volumes. I am attracted to track #2 on the "Audition" cd which is "Half Cooked Concepts". He seems so casual in his delivery and the topics that he addresses are relatable.

Psyche Origami - love this project. "The Standard" seems to be all about working at a gas station/convenience store. The lyrics are catchy and quirky and the beats are smooth.

Other projects of note:
Fatlip "The Loneliest Punk"
Fort Minor "The Rising Tide"

Stay true...kfox

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