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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

APP: "Pulse" for Hip Hop on the iPad

Hip Hop on the iPad

I've been an iPad owner for about a year. I thought having it would give me an opp to do more blog posts. Wrong.

Most people will say that the iPad's primarily a device to consume information. I'm in agreement w/that theory, but I'm trying to do more with the iPad in terms of producing content. Apple doesn't make it easy though by updating devices and then not offering support for older devices. I mean, already the first generation iPad has some update limitations. Sad. So sad ... and wasteful.

My Pulse screen on Sunday, July 15, 2012.

But I've digressed. I, like many/most, am consuming lots of information on the iPad. One app that I like to use to 'discover' on the iPad is Pulse.

I'm attracted to the look of Pulse and the wealth of information that you can curate via the app. I mean, at a glance, I can ogle at all kinds of hip hop that I find interesting and creative.

A hip hop oasis awaits you hip hoppers (via Pulse). kfox.

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