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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Animal Nation :: Every Day In The Life

Animal Nation :: Every Day In The Life

Urbnet is the push behind Animal Nation and that's how I discovered them.

I like the laid back flow of the tracks on "Every Day In The Life". I listened to the entire project without feeling bored or uninterested or forced to listen. I particularly like "Bacon and Eggs" because of the hook.

Overall, the music is quite attractive: good beats, some tempo changes, some unexpected pleasures.

It's worth a listen hip hoppers and since it's free, it's a win/win. kfox.

Every Day In The Life | urbnet

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

VIDEO: Evidence "You"

VIDEO: Evidence "You"

Another tale of randomly clicking one of a thousand emails in my inbox. This time I saw the name Evidence and got a bit curious. Of course, we all know Evidence from Dilated Peoples. Like many folks these days, Evidence does his own thing every now and then.

Here's what struck me about "You":

  • Banging track
  • Strong lyrical presence
  • A bit of a confidence builder
  • Crazy, cool vid
Check it out for yourself hip hoppers. It's all about "you." kfox.

Oh, and the project "Cats & Dogs" comes out on the 27th.

Evidence - You (prod. DJ Premier) - YouTube

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