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Thursday, May 06, 2010

VIDEO: Shabazz Palaces "Belhaven Meridian"

I thought that the music video game had lost its moxie. Meaning: folks stand around yelling, riding in rented cars w/rented chicks and other fake paraphernalia. Oh, the sadness that is crap-hop. But now I've discovered that Shabazz Palaces has churned out a exceptionally crafty one - video that is (and a rather strong song too).

I could say a dozen or so things about it, but you gotta see it for yourself hip hoppers. kfox.

And here's one of the few links to info on Shabazz Palaces (from Pitchfork Media).

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Anonymous The specialist said...

I like the video quality and I can feel the dude in the beginning all women do is play me like thay

4:43 PM  
Blogger the late style said...

I'm really liking his new works, I think this is the sound he's been looking for

1:41 AM  

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