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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The new joint from Common

Okay, so I got the single in the mail from Common. It is called "The People" and it is produced by Kanye West. The full disk is titled "Finding Forever". I think the full release is set for July, but I could be wrong. Meanwhile, "The People" is just okay. It is a very safe single and I did not find much uniqueness in the song. The song is still so much better than most of the mainstream hip hop that is played on the radio.

There does, however, seem to be some hype behind the next single. "The Game" will allegedly saturate the universe within the next week. But, of course, you can find it on YouTube along with this interview.

I really like Common's music. I am certain that I am not his biggest fan because there are some folks who are just more fanatical about him than I am. But I do enjoy his music and what he stands for. I listen to "Be" quite a bit. "The Corner" is my jam. "It's Your World" is also a fav. And though a lot people like "Go!," I do not like it, rather I don't like the lyrical content, but I really like the uptempo beats.

So my anticipation for "Finding Forever" is high. I don't like to have expectations before hearing a project. That way I'm not as let down if it's not so good. But Common will come through ... I am certain of that.

Hip hoppers, find some good music and share the love ... kfox!

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