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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Crate diggin...

There's a lot going on. It's crazy how situations have peaks and valleys - one minute I have no new hip hop music, the next, I'm saturated w/more than I can handle.

I previously mentioned something about Bunny Rabbit. Well watch out, she is on a rampage! The unedited version was filled w/profanity and questionable content - potty mouth for sure! The edit version is just that - a bleep-bleep-bleep fest. The disk is called "Lover's and Crypts". I'm not endorsing or denying, just confirming that it exists. It's in my 'need to listen to again' pile.

I still have not gotten all the way through BusDriver's "RoadKillOvercoat". Out of the 12 tracks on the disk, we could only play three tracks on the radio due to profanity and questionable content. But time has permitted an edit on a few tracks. I like the first track "Casting Agent and Cowgirls". It's upbeat w/catchy beats and his lyricism is quick and quirky.

I do like Sentence. Good beats and lyrics. How simple is that. "There and Back" gets on my good side right away w/an intro by DJ Thought. Just a 60 second or so clip w/the dj mixing up a nice and mellow track. I did listen all the way through and settled on "Warning Shots" as a fav.

I'm trying to get my hands on what I've been told are two above average disks, they are Dalek's "Abandoned Language" and X-Clan's "Return from Mecca". X-Clan's rep speaks for itself. They've been off the block, but if they do what they've done in the past, they have a place in my music player. Dalek graces the most recent cover of CMJ, the College Music Journal, and the article gives them much props. But I'd like to hear for myself.

I could go on, but since it seems the dry spell is over, I'll save some for the next time ... stay healthy hip hoppers, kfox

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