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Monday, December 05, 2011

VIDEO: Common "Blue Sky"

VIDEO: Common "Blue Sky"

Here's another track that I discovered using the app for the iPad.

Of course I gravitated to the track because it's Common: I've always like his flow ... and though I put him in the category of the conscious rapper, I'm not happy about how he sometimes disrespects woman (see "Make Her Say" by Kid Cudi).

Enough of my mini-rant ... As per usual for Common, "Blue Sky" has cool music: laidback and upbeat and you can get your dance on to this one. The hook has a female vocalist and though it's not my fav part of the song, it does add another dimension to the track.

The lyrics have a feel-good, inspirational feeling; the video has an artsy kind of vibe, you know the way that Common flows.

So go ahead hip hoppers and get some of the inspirational artsy ish, it's yours for the takin ... kfox.

VIDEO: Common "Blue Sky"

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