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Monday, November 09, 2009

RZA, The Writer

Wu Tang's RZA continues to add to his creative palette. In addition to being a producer, actor, director among other things, he's also an author.

Although "The Tao of Wu" is not RZA'a first stab at writing, he should garner some attention with this collection of tales and wisdom. His first book was "The Wu Tang Manual" in 2005.

RZA was recently on National Public Radio's (NPR's) All Things Considered to talk about his book, his life and how he learned to score movie soundtracks.

Get out your reading glasses hip hoppers, there's going to be a test. kfox.

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Blogger Shawn said...

I love RZA and the whole wu-tang. And I will get his book.

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4:05 PM  

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