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Friday, February 22, 2008

2 Months and counting ...

2 months until "The Roots" release their 10th album/cd! Whoa. I'm still digesting their last disk "Game Theory", but I can and will move on.

The new project is called "Rising Down" and the first track was posted on Okayplayer today (look for the February 22 listing). I'm a huge fan of lyricists and spittin rhymes. And I've been jockin Black Thought, the voice of The Roots for some time now. This first track just gives BT the spotlight. It's called "75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)". What I'll say is that what some people know as hip hop ain't hip hop at all - it is some watered down version of the culture and the music. You have to listen to the bonafide hip hoppers to know what is real.

Anyway, count me amongst those will will folk over the requisite $14.99 to get this disk when it drops on April 29th. Mark you calendars hip hoppers and know what is real, kfox.

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