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Friday, October 03, 2008

Ohio Hip Hop Awards :: The Ones w/Swagger

So the winners must still have that swagger, right? Yeah, you get to flaunt that til the new dude gets crowned.

Here's the list of the winners from the Ohio Hip Hop Awards (from a few weeks ago).

Speaking of swagger and crowns and winning ... how about that Arnold Hines and Word of Mouth Promotions? Yeah, he picked up that Best Promoter award. Nice to be down w/the winner's camps. But School House is in no way a slacker; they got runner-up.

I did not make it to the festivities ... any reports?

Oh, and please know that I still have issues w/how best to check out the VH1 Honors on Oct. 6. Looks like I'll be watching footage the day after via VH1's webbie.

Oh woe is me ... we gots to do betta hip hoppers, kfox.

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Anonymous Michael A. Gonzales said...

i'm digging your blog...come visit me when you can.

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