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Monday, August 30, 2010

VIDEO: Moe Green "Top Turnbuckle Lifestyle"

I love getting put on to new music; good, new music. Lucky me that I have access to Audible Treats. They are constantly pushing out the good ish. So much so that sometimes I can't keep up. Good thing that I took a minute to click the email about Moe Green.

This dude has one cool vid in "Top Turnbuckle Lifestyle". The cool factor is the way the video is shot and how laid back it it. Couple that w/the track itself. When it starts out, you have no idea that it's a hip hop joint. Love that. Moe Green's delivery is not too pushy, not too boastful ... doesn't seem like an attention getter, but that's exactly why it is.

You be the judge hip hoppers. kfox.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

VIDEO: P.O.S. at Flushing Meadows

So many things to like about P.O.S. I love his style of delivery - laid back and matter of fact. I like how he doesn't chase the beats. It works for him. I'm not the rocker, but there's a rocker in me. I love how P.O.S. starts out in one direction, then at some point, he goes off in another direction.

I say all that though it's all demonstrated in this video clip of P.O.S. @ Flushing Meadows. I peeped this one while carousing over at Okayplayer.

Be careful on those boards, kids ... kfox.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Roots' 10 Best Moments On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

I can't claim this list as my own. No Paste mag is behind this crafty list. But I'm diggin it and you will too. It's complete w/just enough commentary and some cool vids f/The Roots. Going from a constantly touring band to the house band for Jimmy Fallon was a good move for my fav band. Real good move.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

VIDEO: The 20/20 Project "Back to Work"

I liked this track from The 20/20 Project before I even saw the vid. Nice, basic beats. Catchy lyrics. A little be of old school scratchin. Yeah, nice indeed. Go head Canadians, do what you do!

Then I saw the somewhat cheesy video. Intentionally cheesy, well produced and still kind cool.

Oh, and you can get The 20/20 Project's Employees of the Year EP as a FREE download. It's all good.

You gotta check it for yourself hip hoppers, but know that I haven't let you down yet. kfox.
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